Suede Cloth 170 gsm

Suede Cloth 170 gsm

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Suede Cloth 170 gsm 100% Polyester 160 cm wide

Pre-cut into 5 meter lengths, also available in 1 meter increments, if more than 1m is ordered it will come continuous up to a maximum length of 5 meters.

5 meters is the largest continuous piece. EG if you order 10m it will come in 2 x 5m pieces

Perfect for MCN's, bib, towels, wipes, reusable pad, Suede cloth is thin fabric therefore cooler and is used as a wicking fabric, it does not absorb water, so is used closest to the skin so the moisture wicks through this layer into the absorbency layers. 

Care instructions: Warm or cold wash, line dry.