Absorbency & Stay Dry

Absorbency Fabrics:

Hemp 55% Cotton 45% natural Terry 340gsm Tubular 145cm wide

Bamboo 70% Cotton 30% natural Terry 420gsm Tubular 145cm wide

Bamboo Organic Cotton Fleece 500 gsm Tubular 145 cm wide

Stay Dry Fabrics:  

Suede Cloth 170 gsm 160cm wide

Microfleece 210 gsm 160cm wide

AWJ Athletic Wicking Jersey 150 gsm 150cm wide

Pre-made nappy Insert:

We had these specially made so that they can fit the MLS Newborn, MLS OSFM and Happy Hippos nappies.

Small size is 9.5cm x 27cm has 4 layers, top and bottom layer is 250gsm bamboo terry and two 320gsm microfibre inside. Total of 1140 gsm absorption. Fantastic for newborn nappies and boosters.

Large size is 12cm x 35cm and has 4 layers of 250gsm bamboo terry. A total of 1000gsm absorbency, these are a micro terry, so they are very light and can be doubled up inside pockets without being super bulky.

Perfect for Modern Cloth Nappies, breast pads, bibs and sanitary pads.

It is always recommended to wash dry twice natural fibres such as (bamboo, cotton & hemp Fleece and Terry) to allow for shrinkage, before sewing. It is preferable to wash them in hot water 40 - 60 degree if possible, and it is not recommended to use bleach or softeners as it will effect the longevity of the fabric and absorbency.