Reusable Cloth Pads

Thank you for choosing to help save our environment by recycling. Our pads have been made with a lot of love and care and have taken us months to design what we hope you will find an amazingly comfortable pad.

We have focused on keeping our pads as thin and thirsty as possible and reduced the amount of top stitching for your comfort. Our top layer is beautiful 100 % cotton, and we use various hidden layers for the different absorbency levels. In our effort to keep it thin, we have backed it with PUL, which is the breathable water resistant layer. To keep your pad in place, we have included 2 snap widths on most pads so you can try which one suits you best. We highly recommend you wear well fitting cotton undies with your pad, this will help keep the pad close to your body and restrict the movement of the pad. Do not wear polyester underwear as this will slip with the PUL. Boyleg style underwear is not suitable for wrap around pads.

All pads have 100% cotton top, hidden absorbency layers and PUL backing.
Liners has 1 layer of cotton Lycra and 1 layer of 340gsm cotton hemp and are for light incontinence and for the start and end of your period.
Regular has 1 layer of cotton Lycra and 3 layers of 340gsm cotton hemp and perfect for the middle days of your period. (absorbency level 2)
Heavy has 1 layer of cotton Lycra and 2 layers of 500 gsm cotton Bamboo Fleece and is great if you are a heavy bleeder during the day. (Absorbency level 3)
Super Heavy has 1 layer of cotton Lycra and 3 layers of 500 gsm cotton Bamboo Fleece great for nights and Postpartum. (Absorbency level 4)

Caring for your pad: if looked after properly, your pad should last for at least 3 to 5 years. Change your pad as often as necessary as you would a disposable pad. If you’re out for the day, store your pad in a sealed bag until you are home and able to launder them. Do not use hot water to soak as this will set the blood and cause it to stain

It is best to soak your pad in cold water before putting them in the machine with your normal wash. We recommend placing it blood side down to allow the blood to drop down while soaking. Do not use bleach, harsh chemicals or fabric softener as this will reduce the life of your pad and reduce the absorbency. Line dry or tumble dry on warm, for the heavy and super heavy please check they are thoroughly dry before storing to avoid the chance of mould.

We currently have a few 7” liners in stock, but once they are gone, we will only be stocking the 8” in lights as we found that size to be more popular.

We offer 2 styles, rounded wings for those who wear high cut undies, as these wrap a bit higher up the crotch area and the square wings if you wear normal briefs so the wings are only in the crotch area and the pad has wider rounded ends to help keep it in place. Square wings are still suitable for high cut and normal briefs. Boy leg undies are not suitable for winged pads.

Pattern placement may vary.