Bamboo Cotton Terry 420 gsm

Bamboo Cotton Terry 420 gsm

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Bamboo 70% Organic Cotton 30% Terry 420 gsm 144 cm wide tubular.

Pre-cut into 3 meter lenghts. Also available in 1 meter increments, if more than 1m is ordered it will come continuous up to a maximum length of 3 meters.

3 meters is the largest continuous piece. EG if you order 5m it will come as 1 x 3m + 1 x 2m pieces

Perfect for MCN's, bib, towels, wipes, reusable pad, anywhere where you need good absorbency.

Care instructions: It is always recommended to wash and dry twice natural fibres such as (bamboo, cotton & hemp Fleece and Terry) to allow for shrinkage, before sewing. It is preferable to wash them in hot water 40 - 60 degree if possible, and it is not recommended to use bleach or softeners as it will effect the longevity of the fabric and absorbency. Line dry or tumble dry on warm.